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Hapdel Mart

Hapdel Mart
Nowadays, work schedules are tight, hectic and more demanding than ever! It gets difficult for us to manage household chores and work with a neat balance and squeezing in everyday household shopping and servicing needs becomes an even herculean task!
Hapdel understands your needs and strives to make your life as convenient as possible so that you can spend more quality time with your loved ones. Hapdel Mart brings all your basic requirements right at your doorstep. From pulses and masalas to packaged foods and beverages, everything is available. Now you don’t need to step out of the comfort of your homes to shop for personal care products and other basic household stuff. Hapdel delivers almost everything!
All the items that you order through Hapdel are of the highest quality. Each product, whether it’s dal, masala or any branded item is handpicked by our team to ensure that only the best quality reaches our customers. We know our customers place their trust in us and we value it the most! That’s why we make sure that only 100% genuine items are delivered to you and that too as quickly as possible. Our team works round the clock so that your order reaches you within time and without any delay.
You can choose from the widest range of brands and products for your daily personal care requirements from bath and body to haircare and skincare to hygiene and grooming. All your favorite brands and items available in Patna can be ordered through Hapdel. Household items like laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, cleaners, etc. are all in one place for you to choose! Attractive deals and offers on Hapdel will help you to save big time! You don’t need to go out searching for your favorite brands anymore. Just download the Hapdel app and get everything delivered at your doorstep. What are you waiting for! Download our app and get going.

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