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Vision & Mission

Learn About Our Vision & Mission


HAPDEL strives to establish a culture of care, trust and satisfaction for all customers & stakeholders in operations, management and profitability.
HAPDEL has a mission of providing and integrating solutions for all possible local searches in and around the city of Patna wherein everything gets delivered. We aim to pave filtered, technologically orientated & dynamic logistics solutions within the city to deliver everything that customer wishes to attain.
HAPDEL mission offers “Almost Everything” delivered at the quickest possible time, with excellent quality and reasonably priced products and services at your doorstep.


HAPDEL is an innovative, entrepreneurial and an empowered platform for ensuring easy living in busy household schedules of all class of people in Patna.
HAPDEL wishes to be called as “worry handlers’’ as to manage the all worries in timely, optimized & customer centric way. Thus, enabling users to secure more time in better, smarter and productive things.

HAPDEL shall have visionaries to meet and exceed customer and stakeholder expectations profitably with unique propositions to the do the task “THE HAPDEL’S WAY’’.

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